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Miss Sporty Insta Glow – Bronzer & Blushers swatches

This is a first impression on the blusher and review on the bronzer. I have been using the bronzer for a few weeks now and I can honestly say it is really pigmented. I love that it has a tiny bit of shimmer to it but not way over the top which I personally hate in a bronzer. The blushers again are super pigmented, its so easy to apply too much so keep that in mind when applying it. Just start off applying lightly then build it up.

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21st August 2016

Seventeen Bloggers Network

I was really happy to have been invited to Seventeens Bloggers Network first ever event of theirs on Thursday 18th August. It was amazing meeting other bloggers and getting really good tips/advice from the lovely Kate Snooks. She is a really nice genuine person. She made a good point that blogging and gaining an audience does not happen over night. She mentioned about it taking a year before she got any readers on her blog :o now she has 100s of fans on her blog. That’s inspired me just to keep going and be positive, its going to feel like I am talking to myself on here for awhile. :D


Unfortunately I could not stay for long due unforeseen circumstances. 

I really enjoyed Kate’s speech, I remember Kate saying its lonely blogging sometimes but that’s the way forward I think. I am not a successful blogger now but in the near future I could be? I enjoy reviewing affordable high street brands because I do believe it helps out that company and people who want to buy the product. 

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19th August 2016