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Makeup Revolution – Mermaids Forever

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They released this back in the summer and I have looked high and low for it at every Superdrug I know, it weren’t till I went to Ealing centre that I found it in their huge Superdrug there. I dont often go to Ealing because its miles out. I could of ordered it online but just kept putting it off and to be honest postage is almost as the same price as the palette. :o

What do you think of this make up palette?



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28th October 2015

Makeup Revolution – Make up & Bag

I saw this little set for £5 in Superdrug in their Christmas gifts range. I love the make up bag, its so gorgeous and actually fits so much in it considering the size of it. Perfect for my handbag and holiday. I bought it because I fell in love with the Rose gold. :D I am a sucker for Rose gold at the moment. It’s more Rose gold in person this bag, I could not picture it well :( 

I haven’t tried the palette yet but I am sure it will be amazing like their others. The lipgloss smells lovely.

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution make up?

Are you a fan of Rose gold?




21st October 2015
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