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Maybelline – Matte Maker

I’m not sure why but I love the name of this powder :D Match Maker and Matte Maker its funny. Anyway I bought this around 2 weeks ago and been using it since. I MUCH prefer it over the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder.

Why is that you say? It doesn’t make my skin at all patchy, I found with the Rimmel one made my foundation patchy especially around my nose and eyes. Does it last longer on the skin that the Rimmel Stay Matte? Yes and no is the answer to that. If I am honest I don’t top my make up during the day so this Maybelline powder lasts 6-7 hours for me while at work. I cant compare it if im honest. I just like the fact that this Maybelline one is softer, blends nice and doesn’t leave me patchy. Id say buy this. The case is much better also. My Rimmel one cracked so the lid wont stay on anymore, no good in my handbag then!!




4th May 2016

Make up Haul – April 2016

This month I have spent way too much money on make up :D but I say sod it you only live once why not spend money you work for on something you like? :P Me and my Mum were meant to go on a Make up ban for me and a clothes ban for her for 6 months, haha that never happened we both failed in the first week.

Anyway this month was an experiment, I bought stuff I would never normally have used or tried before. Most thing I was excited about and purchased on BeautyBay was my Morphe Brushes palette 35C. Its super pigmented and every colour I possibly need for my eye make up.




Also I am going to visit my Nan for 4 days up north so I needed a nice new make up bag. Got this one by BarryM which I adore so much!! how cool is it? £6.99 from Superdrug.


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28th April 2016
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