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MUA – Skin Define Hydro Powder

MUA recently released this in superdrug and I’ve been eyeing :D it up for a while. I thought do I need it when I use my Rimmel Matte powder to set my concealer? Anyway for like £3 who cares really I thought I would give it a try. I don’t use it to set my foundation as it is way too light for that but for concealer its perfect and I am not bothered if my under eye is a little lighter than my face.

I have used this for a week now and let me tell you I am using this to set my concealer forever haha!! :o My under eyes feel so soft, I barely get any creases or discolour so I am happy!! I will stock up on these even though this one will last a long while.



This photo was taken after I have slept for a few hours, I work early mornings so I nap during the day. My under make up still looks great even after 8 hours. Sorry about the look but it is a natural photo and best for this review. It is hard to show so its worth just buying.


17th October 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Brush Set

I picked this set up in Superdrug in the Christmas section I am guessing it was, they also had the 45-50 pounds Makeup Revolution box full of 100 pounds worth of make up, I really wanted that but I probably have half of it anyway lol. :D

These cost me £12 instead of £15. I absolutely love these, I have tried them out all week and can not find a fault with them, they are super soft and the blending brush of theirs looks like a “Dupe” for the Sigma E40 blending brush.

The set comes with

Eyebrow Brush
Stippling Brush
Eyeshadow Blending Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Power Brush
Contour Brush




Pick them up now at Superdrug you will love them ♥

14th October 2015
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