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Make Up Academy Brushes

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I had never heard about these brushes until a few months back. I am fussy when it comes to make up brushes more than I am about expensive make up brands. I believe the brushes are the main tool that does all the work, if that makes sense? lol. I would spend money on a good brush. So getting these I was like hmm… well I love their make up so their brushes might be great too. Well they are more than great they’re AMAZING! They blend really well and the eye shadow brush of theirs really applies the eye shadow nice and dense.

I have about 11 of their brushes but these are the new additions to the family. I have posted about my other brushes here!


Buy them here!

23rd September 2015

My Daily Beauty Essentials

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I say my daily essentials but I don’t obviously use all of it every day otherwise that would be a bit crazy lol.This is my make up I leave out on my table which I am more likely to use. The brushes I use every day, my favorites are by Real Techniques and Make Up Academy. Make up is by No7, Collection 2000, Seventeen, Rimmel, Models Own, Mua, W7 and Make up Revolution. I also have my Benefit Stay Put primer which I love, it really keeps my eye shadow on and stops it from creasing. :)

Acrylic organizer is from Argos.
Brush cleaner spray is from Primark (smells lovely btw)
Holder I am using for my brushes is from Ikea.
Nail Buffer is from Models Own
Lip scrub (next to the buffer) is from Wilkos
Lip sticks are from Primark and Mua
Tape from tesco (used for my eyes and eyeliner).

makeup_daily brushes

19th September 2015
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