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Make Up Gallery Make Up Review

Make up gallery for those of you who don’t know, its make up sold in Poundland, its bascially their own make up brand. It won an award last year I think, I saw a sticker on my local Poundland door. Loads of bloggers have posted or made videos about it so I wanted to try it out. I have before used their lip glosses and loved those. In this post I am only reviewing Bronzer, Blusher and eye shadows since I couldn’t get the foundation in my shade. Also forgot to pick up the mascara and liquid eyeliner :(


First of WOW!! on the Blusher and Bronzer :o they’re actually very pigmented, blends well and lasts great. The eye shadows blend nicely as well but can be a little more pigmented but after I sprayed my setting spray the pigment was much better. Eye shadow used below is called “Ocean Blue”


The eye shadow here is called “Dusky Rose” with some black blended in the crease.


Blusher is called “Coral Rose” and Bronzer is “Matte Light”

makeup_gallery2 makeup_gallery3

The Blusher is so beautiful and reminds me a lot of my one by Smash box which cost me £22 instead of £1. The Bronzer worked fab as a contour and wasn’t too orange or much.

I really wish they did so much more like highlighters and contours kits. This brand needs so much more recognition. I am picking more stuff up to blog soon. Remember to click my photos to see more detail. :)

Thanks for reading.


7th June 2016

Sleek – Matte Me Lip glosses

I bought my first one last one called “Birthday Suit” and since then I have been obsessed with the formula and how well they last on my lips. I am on the hunt for more shades but every Boots store and Superdrug sell out of these quick.

I can not recommend them enough to people. They’re super pigmented and Matte. They’re not sticky and flaky. These also don’t bleed. I prefer them over the NYX creams. I find with the Sleek Matte Me’s so easy to apply because of how long the brush applicator is, I always manage to get my lips perfect before work. :D




My favorite is Shabby Chic.

The pain I went threw trying to wipe this off my arm :D they stay on strong!

Whats yours? Have you ever tried these?

1st June 2016
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