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Makeup Revolution – Make up & Bag

I saw this little set for £5 in Superdrug in their Christmas gifts range. I love the make up bag, its so gorgeous and actually fits so much in it considering the size of it. Perfect for my handbag and holiday. I bought it because I fell in love with the Rose gold. :D I am a sucker for Rose gold at the moment. It’s more Rose gold in person this bag, I could not picture it well :( 

I haven’t tried the palette yet but I am sure it will be amazing like their others. The lipgloss smells lovely.

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution make up?

Are you a fan of Rose gold?




21st October 2015

MUA – Skin Define Hydro Powder

MUA recently released this in superdrug and I’ve been eyeing :D it up for a while. I thought do I need it when I use my Rimmel Matte powder to set my concealer? Anyway for like £3 who cares really I thought I would give it a try. I don’t use it to set my foundation as it is way too light for that but for concealer its perfect and I am not bothered if my under eye is a little lighter than my face.

I have used this for a week now and let me tell you I am using this to set my concealer forever haha!! :o My under eyes feel so soft, I barely get any creases or discolour so I am happy!! I will stock up on these even though this one will last a long while.



This photo was taken after I have slept for a few hours, I work early mornings so I nap during the day. My under make up still looks great even after 8 hours. Sorry about the look but it is a natural photo and best for this review. It is hard to show so its worth just buying.


17th October 2015
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