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August 2015

Make up Revolution – Ultra Base Corrector

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I saw MUR advertising this on their Instagram and that day I was going out to the shops. I came across it in Superdrug, was surprised they had it in stock as it only just came out that day in there.

I love the creamy texture this Corrector base has. The colours come out bright making it easy to cover areas needed. It smooths out well on the skin. I wouldn’t have time to use this everyday but for special occasions I would make the time. My foundation went over this perfect and I actually didn’t need to use too much or even my concealer, this did a great job. I recommend people buying this!! Amazing quality and very good price of £6.

ultra_corrector1 ultra_corrector3

before_base after_base

9th August 2015

Make up – Part 2

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I actually love the brand Make up Revolution, so cheap and excellent quality. I own most of their make up palettes now!!. I’ve recently purchased some Rimmel London make up and Maybelline. I tend not to spend too much on high end make up since I can’t afford to spend out and some of it is the same anyway, not all I must say. I am going to purchase the Mac Prep Prime eye since I can not find a decent eyeshadow primer. I have heard a lot of good things about it.

I was given a bunch of Becca make up the other day by a friend, I haven’t heard of the brand before but told its expensive?!!

Here is some of my recent make up.

acid_brights girl_panic

lilac_peach pink_green

9th August 2015
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