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September 2015

Smash Box – Paradise

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Well one Saturday morning I decided I’ve just been paid so why not go out and buy even more make up!!? So off to Superdrug, found nothing in there worth buying so I thought I will go to Boots instead. Went into Boots and never thought id come out with a Blusher that is £22. :o I was just walking around looking at make up minding my business then a girl on the counter approaches me, I am like Uh oh… I will be made to buy something I wont need. She was like do you need any help?, I said only looking but yeah maybe with contouring since I am rubbish with that :( then she does that (I looked ridiculous wearing it btw) and adds this Blusher on me. She then wanted me to buy the Blusher and the contouring kit worth 55 together, I was like I am buying loads already!!!. Ihad already spent £70 already in Boots once it was all added up. My friend was like buy the Blusher it suits you and the girl was saying it too. All I was thinking was but its 22 pounds lol. I sound so cheap but I dunno maybe is that too much for a Blusher? it is lovely though. Probably because I am only used to buying drugstore make up that I find it expensive. :D



30th September 2015

Autumn nail polishes

Here are some of my new and old favorite Autumn Nail Polishes. I think these are perfect for Autumn, they go with everything from clothing to make up.

Rimmel London 60 seconds and Sally Hansen rarely chip after 3-5 days of wearing them which is great for me at work. I picked these up at my local Boots store. The collection 2000 nail polish I haven’t actually tried from them before so I can’t say if they are any good or not. What are your thoughts on them?

This time of year makes me super excited because its not far from lovely Christmas. I know its not about presents but I just love all the colours and music… oh and food of course. :D

What is your favorite Autumn Nail Polish?


1. Dark Knight 2. Rita Rouge 3. Berries and Cream, 4. Purplicious 5. Black out


Sally Hansen £6.99
Rimmel London – £2.99
Collection 2000 – £1.99

29th September 2015
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