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November 2015

MUR Fixing Spray and MUA Hydro Primer Reviews

Ive been using these for a week now. Love both products very much. The fixing spray by MakeUp Revolution I can honestly say I will be purchasing that again when I have used it all. Mua Hydro Primer also the same as well.

The fixing spray literally kept my Halloween make up on all day while I was at work, that’s when I really noticed how amazing it is. Its kept my make up on all week before Halloween and I notice my eyeliner, blusher and highlighter staying on for longer than it does without the spray. Everyone raves about it and I can see why so defiantly purchase it if you haven’t. Only £5 from Superdrug.

The Hydro primer is great, its like a jelly texture which is very different to any primer I have used before, it feels tight when its on the face so would be fab for an older person with perhaps some wrinkles :D which I don’t have yet. I like the fact that it dries fast and my foundation over the top of it does not streak so it saves a lot of blending time. Only thing I am unsure about is perhaps the smell? it smells odd but it OK doesn’t effect the primer at all. I would recommend this primer.


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1st November 2015
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