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April 2016

Make up Haul – April 2016

This month I have spent way too much money on make up :D but I say sod it you only live once why not spend money you work for on something you like? :P Me and my Mum were meant to go on a Make up ban for me and a clothes ban for her for 6 months, haha that never happened we both failed in the first week.

Anyway this month was an experiment, I bought stuff I would never normally have used or tried before. Most thing I was excited about and purchased on BeautyBay was my Morphe Brushes palette 35C. Its super pigmented and every colour I possibly need for my eye make up.




Also I am going to visit my Nan for 4 days up north so I needed a nice new make up bag. Got this one by BarryM which I adore so much!! how cool is it? £6.99 from Superdrug.


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28th April 2016

Sleek Matte Me – Birthday Suit Review

I had to buy this and now I just want to buy the rest of them. They seem to appeal to me from Sleeks photos on Instagram. :) They are £5 each from Boots, well I actually got mine in my local Tesco store.


This shade “Birthday Suit” is a gorgeous natural subtle brown. I bought this shade to start off as I was more likely to wear it to work and to see if I liked them.


It was nice to apply to the lips, dries very quick. I can’t say say it felt too tacky on the lips, just a little bit but nothing I couldn’t of ignored during my day. It lasted OK for 6 hours with food and drink until is was completely gone from my lips.


This is how it looked around 6 hours. Its faded a lot but still slightly visible. I would of had to apply another coat during the day. I liked that is didn’t crack or go horrible and lumpy which I have experience with Matte Lip glosses before. I really recommend this lipstick and I can’t wait to buy more.

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26th April 2016
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