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June 2016

Make up Gallery – Pro liquid eyeliner

I am a huge sucker when it comes to a good decent affordable eyeliner. I have recently reviewed Make up Gallery products in a few posts back saying how much I love their products and said I was going to pickup more. Well I did pick up some new eyeshadows and this Pro Eyeliner Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Black. So now I am reviewing it for your girls/guys.


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13th June 2016

May make up favourites

Sorry this post is very late but decided I’d post my May favourites anyway. 

There has been a few favourites last month and still continuing to be my favourites.  :) 

MUA – Undress your skin highlighter 

Maybelline – Matte maker 

NYX – eyeliner 

Maybelline – Matte master ink 

Loreal – true matte foundation 

Sleek – matte me in shade Birthday Suit 

Sleek – Rose gold blusher 

Rimmel – stay matte 

Next – blending brush 

I usually swap my products up every month just to get some use out of all my make up. Sleek blusher is just the most stunning blusher ever, I can’t recommend it enough. 

11th June 2016
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