Worst Beauty Products Of 2016!

I am not bashing these products, I am simply stating my thoughts on them. Not all of them worked for me but may do for others.

I don’t usually buy products just because its NEW! I like to read reviews or watch videos first for about a month or so. If I was to buy one the second it came out I would waste so much money and end up hating every one of them I bought. These products I didn’t like where purely purchased because I did read really good things on them. Then thought I would buy them and try them. I have bought loads in 2016 and honestly I have loved everyone of them because I don’t buy for the sake of buying a new product.


Some will be so shocked on the products I disagree with.

1. Avon eyeshadow Nudes & Blues palette. So disappointed the pigmentation is so poor. The book really sold it to be super pigmented and I have to disagree. Not worth the money.

2. Ps Pro – Eyeliner corrector pen. Awful! its so sharp and hard it literally scratched my skin so hard my eyes started to water.

3. Maybelline – Master Contour. I know a lot of you love this product but for me I hated it. It left a dirt looking patch on my face and would not blend for me at all. I am so used to powders so maybe that’s why I can’t work with this. 

4. NYX – Soft Matte Creams – Really over hyped. Literally came off my lips after just a drink. Too pricey for what they are. I also found they went bumpy or bitty on my lips. I much prefer the Sleek Matte Me ones as they stay on the lips much longer.

5. Next Lip crayons – Now this one is mainly to do with the packaging that puts the product off for me. The colours are nice and go on lovely, but they do tend to smudge a bit around the face so be aware of that when you are going and forget a mirror. The lids come off so easy I would not be able to put this in my handbag, if so it would ruin the contents of my bag. Very cheap lid.

6. Maybelline – The Rock Nudes. Really unhappy with this because their last eyeshadow palettes were amazing. The colours look lovely but when you use them it looks different to what you see in the palette. Its hard to describe what I mean but the gold shade came out really dark and the blue came out grey rather than blue. In the end all my colours just ended up smudging. I always used a different brush for each shade so I would not smudge them all together. I didn’t find many of the shades to have much pigmentation also. The advert is very misleading.

Thank you for reading.

Do not feel as though I am being mean about these products and feel free to try them out your self. I am purely just saying what I thought about them.

8th January 2017
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