PS – Setting Powder (first impressions)

I’ve used this as just before for just setting my concealer and foundation but I thought I would try the baking method with it. I know other brands from Ben Nye and Make up revolution also do setting powders very similar in style but I don’t have any of these yet. I do believe this one from Primark was around £3.50.

First of I do my normal make up routine. Primer, Foundation, concealer…


Once Ive applied my concealer I then apply the setting powder using a damp beauty blender.



Once I started applying it I did notice it was rather messy, the powder also didn’t feel smooth just clumpy. Still I continued and assumed it was just because the powder was becoming damp from the beauty blender. I then started to notice patches of my skin were going yellow. I thought I would let it bake further 5 minutes and then swipe it away. Still after that I had a horrible yellow patch. I had to then get my foundation and blend it out.


Once I sorted the yellow patch out I was very impressed and really notice the difference to my skin. I actually can not wait to find the Make up Revolution or Ben Nye powders since they will be higher quality.


What do you think? Have you tried the Baking method before?

Just a little disclaimer I have not edited my photo. This is how my skin appeared after baking.

17th January 2017
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  • Aduratomi Kolawole

    I have this powder and as much as I like it, I feel like it’s a little too light for me. My favourite powder for baking is W7 Banana Dreams, you should try it.

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