Ps pro brushes / Review

These are the ps pro brushes from primark. Expert face blending brush and the oval brushes. The expert blending brush I think was around 4 pounds and the oval ones range from £2.50 to £4.

They’re super affordable but not necessarily easy to get hold off since not all primark stores stock them. 

I love the export face blending brush for it’s unique shape and blends beautifully. One thing I don’t like about it is once it’s used a few times it’s really hard work blending the foundation. It’s goes so streaky across the face. The brush seems to absorb so much foundation and clumps together. Cleaning the brush is not easy either. 

The oval ones for me personally are too hard. I don’t find them to be as soft as my other rose gold oval brushes purchased from Amazon. See here. These ps pro ones tug on my face and leave my foundation patchy. I think if I didn’t have my rose gold oval brushes to compare to I would not notice anything wrong with the primark ones. I do recommend all of them since they are good value for money.


24th January 2017
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  • So pleased to see a review on these – I’ve been so curious about them!

  • I wasn’t a fan of the oval brushes but I really like the face blending one. I use it to contour my cheek bones and forehead.

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