Catrice – HD liquid foundation

So sorry guys, I know I haven’t blogged in 4 months just I’ve been super busy. Back in April I started taking driving lessons, so then of course its practising for my theory test. I then went on holiday to Barcelona in beginning of July and so its been full on. While I was in Barcelona I did see they were selling Catrice make up in one of their drugstores. If I had longer I would of picked up more of their products since I’m always seeing videos on YouTube about their stuff.

Can I now say? This is literally my favourite foundation :o its full coverage, you only need a tiny amount and its lasts all day on my skin, I don’t get horrible patchiness that I do get with other foundations. I suffer with oily skin so this is great for me since its quit matte. On the bottle it has written Second skin effect, I so agree it feels amazing on the skin like you have nothing on.

I know the UK don’t sell this but its pretty cheap on eBay which ships to the United Kingdom. It cost me 7 euros in Barcelona.

I am loving that its a drop foundation so that way I am not using way too much product.

On this foundation mixer is the amount I only needed on my face.

Before and after photos show you how it looks on my skin

23rd July 2017
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