Primark – Get lippy matte kits

My local Primark were a bit behind on stocking these, I did manage to get hold of the matte liquid lipsticks. My favourite from the four has to be Flutter. It a very natural nude shade. 

They come with a lip liner which are super creamy and easy to apply. How amazing is the packaging? I prefer the get lippy packaging than I do the Kylie lip kits packaging. 

Now I’m going to talk about the formula and whether I think they’re worth buying. 

Girls world

Chocolate Brownie 

Cookie dough 


They did remind me a lot of the Matte me up liquid lipsticks by Barry M. If you havent tried them yet then do :) . The Primark ones feel really soft and lightweight on the lips, I never noticed any streaking when applying them. They dry quite quickly so the formula is really nice quality. I didn’t experience any cakyness like I almost do with every matte liquid lipsticks :( 

Are they pigmented and long lasting? 

Yes very! 

How did they apply? 


If you’re in your local Primark store then do pick these up. For £3.00 you can’t go wrong. 

Only negatives I do have is the lighter shades lip liners could be a bit more pigmented like the liquid lipsticks are. 

3rd August 2017
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