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Seventeen emailed me asking if Id like to take part in a relay with other beauty bloggers. We all have to come out with some beauty tips/hacks to achieve a summer glow. I was really delighted to be asked by them since I have been a fan of Seventeen make up for some time now.

Here are the products they sent me to use, including their Stay time foundation, Define contour kit, Instant glow bronzer and highlighter, WOW concealer, HD mascara, eye blending brush and brow kit.

First off I apply my foundation, I always use a matte one since throughout the day my skin goes oily. I used the WOW concealer next. Now on to tips/hacks.

Brighten inner corners

I love this tip. I have been using it for a while now which is applying a highlighter (using the instant bronzer and highlighter brick) into the inner corner of your eyes. For me starting work early hours I need all the help I can get for brighter eyes. The photographs will show you a difference.

Why not use the bronzer and highlighter brick to create a cool eye look? I love using all make up for multi purposes. It really saves carrying so much with you on holiday and in your make up bag. I went on holiday a few weeks back and took very limited make up with me and still managed an eye look for nights out.

Apply a shade of your choice from the bronzer highlighter brick and use a blending brush then blend blend blend… for more definition why not apply a brown shade into the outer corner from their brow kit.

Use a concealer to lift your cheeks I find after a long day highlighter disappears from my cheekbones :( could be where I touch my face throughout the day who knows… So now I apply some concealer to where I want my highlighter to be. The concealer has to be blended and while its still tacky put some highlighter over the top. Not only will this keep your highlighter in place all day it will also make it look brighter.

First photograph is without the concealer method and the second is with.

Summer glow lips I’m one of those girls who carries 3-4 different lip sticks with me, especially while on holiday. I cant ever decide from matte, satin or gloss. So why not carry one matte lipstick with you and just put some highlighter on your lips for a fake shiny gloss lip? I’ve used Seventeen’s Mega Matte in the shade Looking Buff. Dab your finger onto your Bronzer and highlighter brick (using the lighter shade) and dab it onto your lips. I love this tip. You can decide if you fancy a matte lip one day or a shiny lip the next.

Now I pass the baton onto Fran from frannymac who will share with you some cool tips/hacks next. I am looking forward to see what she posts.


Thank you so much Seventeen.

14th August 2017
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  • Susie Ray

    Such great hacks! I love the concealer one! Thanks for sharing xx

  • I love the tip about applying concealer underneath the highlighter, I haven’t heard of it before xx

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