Autumn nail polishes

Here are some of my new and old favorite Autumn Nail Polishes. I think these are perfect for Autumn, they go with everything from clothing to make up.

Rimmel London 60 seconds and Sally Hansen rarely chip after 3-5 days of wearing them which is great for me at work. I picked these up at my local Boots store. The collection 2000 nail polish I haven’t actually tried from them before so I can’t say if they are any good or not. What are your thoughts on them?

This time of year makes me super excited because its not far from lovely Christmas. I know its not about presents but I just love all the colours and music… oh and food of course. :D

What is your favorite Autumn Nail Polish?


1. Dark Knight 2. Rita Rouge 3. Berries and Cream, 4. Purplicious 5. Black out


Sally Hansen £6.99
Rimmel London – £2.99
Collection 2000 – £1.99

29th September 2015
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