Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

I know I am late going on about this but about 3- 4 weeks Ive been using it as my make up primer. I have read and watched videos by YouTube bloggers saying how well your make up stays on all day. I haven’t used it sooner because I was unsure if it would work or have that man smell as its a man product, anyway it was on offer for £2.50 rather than £5.00 so I thought why not just give it a chance. I first opened it and smelt it right away of course :D and its really not strong at all and once its on the face you can’t even smell it. A little bit of it also goes a long way too so this huge bottle can last for months and months. It is runny so remember not to pour it out right away. :) My make up lasts so good with this and not just saying that because everyone else does but its really fab, I don’t get oily or patchy at all. I stopped using it for a few days and used a matte primer instead, now I am going back to this again since its so much better. Once you apply it your face then feels tighter and tacky which is great for the make up to stick too.

I can see why everyone hyped on about this!



Here is some of my new make up Ive done recently.

maple_copper_dream mur_urban_decay

23rd April 2016
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