My skincare Routine

I would lie if I said I did this for years and years but I really didn’t. :o Before all this I use to use just make up wipes and thought that was OK until I got into beauty and make up a lot more. My skin looked alright I mean I have not really suffered with spots and acne (hope I don’t jinx myself lol) and so I never really notice just using wipes didn’t remove my make up completely. Was not until I use a toner after that I saw how much I always left on my face eek!!

I still use make up wipes even though everyone hates them but I find they help remove it everywhere off my face first. After I scrub my face with the wipes and the tiny eye wipes, I then go over with my L’Oreal Gentle Eye Make up Remover for all over my face removing what the wipes have left on my skin. Oh and the reason I use cheap Tesco wipes for £1 because they literally the only ones I get no awful reaction from, I have VERY sensitive eyes its so awful :( so these do not sting me or bloodshot my eyes at all. I have tried every make up wipe known to man (even sensitive ones from other brands) and these are just the ones for me. Same with micellar water, the L’Oreal is the only one I can use as well.


Once I have used those two products, I then ALWAYS use a toner, even though L’Oreal probably claims like others to remove all make up but NO it does not!! the toner removes more leaving the skin super soft. I then go onto my Lush Tea Tree Water which I recommend to EVERYONE! I use this all over my face but concentrating on the eyes more since eyeliner is always left behind.


I didn’t photograph my face scrub I use when I shower but it is by Nivea. Doing all this has made a massive improvement to my skin. If you are like me and suffer with bad eyes then get these wipes (if you’re from England and have a Tesco) :P

28th May 2016
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