I went on the Saturday 4th June to model for my friend who studies HE Specialist Make Up at West Thames college. I had such an amazing time, the feedback was just amazing. It felt so nice having people wanting photos of my friends talented work on me. At first I was super nervous because my top half was bare just my nipples covered but once she started painting it was great I felt comfortable. I think I was more nervous having my belly out since I am not he most slimiest in the world but was a good confidence boost doing this.

Her theme was Lion King Musial Theatre, she made the head piece and skirt. She is very skilled. Please visit her website she does amazing body painting and special effects.




Continuing on after I got out of the costume we went shopping, of course I couldn’t resit doing that :D I spent like £140 :o my limit was only £60-80 since I spent £200 last month eekk. Everything I got was worth it. I will post more photos of it all in my next post but enjoy some photos I manged to get while walking around, there was very many talented people. I couldn’t take many photos as I was modeling most of the day but here we go.

imats_london5 imats_london7

imats_london6 imats_london9

imats_london10 imats_london8

INGLOT was just my favorite. I was in MAKE UP HEAVEN.


5th June 2016
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