Make up products I regret buying!

Reviewing and experimenting with make up products I guess I have to face the fact that not every product will work its best and will be a total waste of money. I am really gutted that some of these products I regret purchasing, some do not matter so much because they were so cheap but some are ridiculous pricing. Not shaming these at all they may work for you but just did not for me.


First of was the PS Eye palette by Primark. Was only £2.50 so not really a big deal but the pigment is so awful, it literally shows nothing the colours are so faint. I would not recommend this at all, it probably only sells because they made it look similar to the Mac 9 shade palettes. I was a sucker for that. :D

Rimmel London Brow Gel – clear. Leaves a white residue on my eyebrows :o makes them look flaky. My collection one is cheaper and leaves no white risidue. 

Benefit – they’re real mascara – my lashes go lumpy and my eyes seem to itch using this. Unfortunately can not use it anymore. :(

Benefit – they’re real push up liner. This is awful, so clumpy and does not go on evenly! Extremely hard to remove off with any make up remover. The idea of gel eyeliner in a pen is great but every time you push it up its just a blob of product that’s really hard to work with. Regret paying £20 for this.

Kiko – Definition eyeliner. Really runny but not even black runny its like too watery. Horrible and will not use this again. Like the brush tip but nothing else.

Benefit – Stay dont stray eye primer. Now that I have used other eye primers I find this one is not good for its price. Again runny and takes ages to dry for me on my eye lid. I also found it did very little to improve my eye make up.

16th June 2016
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