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I have downloaded these apps using Apple App store, I am sure you can download them on Google play as well.


Sleep Pillow

If you’re a tinnitus suffer like me or have trouble sleeping? then this is your app. You can download if from the App store for free or pay £1.99 for the full version. You have loads of sounds which you can mix to create your own. It is very relaxing, since tinnitus I have had trouble ignoring it until I got this app.


Pill Reminder

Keep forgetting to take your medication? this app will save you! It gives you a pop up alert reminding you to take your medication on a set time you set it.



I spend 99% of my life on this app. I talk to my sister who is abroad on it. Such an easy way to communicate with friends and family just by using your data/4G and wifi. You can send photos, videos, voice memos and even make phone calls. 



This app is a lifesaver. Lets me login while im out and about to keep track on my money and spending. You can see your balance, you can do transfers and pay bills.



If you’re like me and love shopping then this app if your new friend. It fast and never had any problems with it.



Love shopping for make up or anything else? you need this app. I am a bit addicted to this app, I spend way too much money on ebay. :)



I took a long while to get Snapchat because I never saw the point of it. I am now addicted to it. Its super fun and a fun way to stay in contact with friends.

16th June 2016
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