Lip care and spot treatment

Ever had that irritating spot that appears and then decides to leave a scar where it was left untreated or picked at? Yes! that’s happened to me and appeared on a funeral day. I left it and get popping it but now left with a little scar. :( My sister told me to use er Tea Tree oil stick and it helped a little but I left it too late. Few weeks later I was on the hunt for a Tea tree/blemish stick and come across this one by Witch. It was £2.59 from my local Tesco store.


As soon as a spot decides to come I am on it with this blemish stick. It takes my redness and swelling down quite quickly. Stings with first applied but its fine. I recommend this!!


Both of these lip care products smell delicious I would rather eat them if I am honest :D The scrub by the new Primark Ps Pro is amazing and really scrubs those lips. Nivea lip balm is really soft and smells amazing.

23rd June 2016
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