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I am happy that the lovely Make up gallery (Poundland make up) emailed me and asked if I would like to be one of their ambassadors. I applied and said yes! They sent me over a £10 voucher to spend on 10 products. So off I go to poundland picking 10 to review. I am loving them all so far and really looking forward to trying out their make up sponge.

From my last posts I was already so happy with the Pro liquid eyeliner saying how pigmented and matte it is. Ive done a make up piece using the eye shadows, liquid eyeliner, mascara and Kohl pencil. The separate review on the concealer, lipstick, sponge, pressed powder and foundation will be on another post shortly.


Eye shadow shades:

Smokey Screen 13
Nude 2
Shadow Grey 15


The eye shadows are quite light but very blend-able and build-able as well. I used Cappuccino for my transition colour. Nude 2 to highlight my brow bone and in the crease. Shadow Grey was put in the inner part of the eye, I found this one too light so I had to really build it up for it to show but its such a stunning shade. Smoke screen is in the outer part and crease of my eye. This is by far my favourite shade from them all. Its not often I could wear blue shades without it looking too harsh but I can pull this one off.

Now onto mascara. I didn’t mean to pick the brown/black one and I always make this mistake :D but if you’re going for a very natural eye make up look then this mascara is your friend. It made my lashes look longer, I wouldn’t say thicker but it wasn’t claiming to on the bottle, its purpose is lengthening which its done.



this is the hot mess after :D


6th July 2016
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  • Your makeup looks absolutely amazing! I love the colours!

    Ps it’s working!! ❤️

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