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I have been on weight watchers for 3 weeks now, I lost some but gained some back due to going out for friends long weekends. Dieting can feel unsociable at times so I tend not to let it rule my life too much. I have weighed myself and now tracking it. I signed up for the online weight watchers and oh my god its so much easier and the scanning the barcode to find out Smartpoints is amazing!! its a really good app. It costs me £12.95 a month (not for the app) but like my mum said that £12.95 I would only waste it on junk food anyway lol.

I had planned on joining Slimming world but its so expensive and I couldn’t get my head around eating so much free food and losing weight. I literally don’t like to eat much on a diet. :(

This is my weight watchers lunch I make everyday, I sometimes change it up a bit so I am not eating the same thing.

2x Weight Watchers Malted Danish = 3 Smart points
2x slices of Tesco wafer thing honey roast ham = 1 Smart point

I don’t use butter so I use

Teaspoon of Tesco Healthy living mayo which is 0 points

Lots of salad and cucumber since it is 0 points

Tesco Healthly living teaspoon of French Dressing is 0 points




6th July 2016
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