Ps. Super Matte Liquid Lipstick

These matte liquid lipsticks from Primark retail at £2.00 remind me a lot of the Sleek Matte Me ones. Check out that post for a review here.


For £2.00 I really wasn’t expecting much from these. Especially them claiming to be Matte but I was blown away with how matte they are. For me they applied nicely and weren’t so streaky. They only had some bleeding around the lips but that was only noticeable on shade Kiki. Can I say how amazed I was with how pigmented they are!!. At first I thought I would have to apply 4 coats just to get any colour pay off but only needed 1-2 coats.

My favourite shades are 02 and Kendall because of how soft they felt on my lips compared to the other shades. The other shades are really worth using but for some reason I always feel the formula is different on darker shades which I noticed with the Sleek Matte Me ones as well. I could really tell I was wearing them from how heavy they felt on my lips. :( Why do companies change the formula on darker shades?

I wore shade Karla for around 6 hours with drink and a breakfast bar :D but after a few more hours and lunch I started noticing fading in the centre of my lips. I am happy with that though for 2 pounds I was expecting it to have disappear after a drink. :D

If you’re on a budget Id recommend these. I well be wearing them for work. ;)

17th August 2016
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  • I wish they worked aswell for me! They are wearable though so it’s not too bad, and they were only £2 so it’s all good haha!


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